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Compact and lightweight precision vibrometer for measuring vibrations of rotating and reciprocating machines, etc.

Applications include measurements of acceleration, velocity and displacement, MINI-VIBRO is most suitable for measuring very small vibrations.

  • Built-in frequency analyzing filter allows frequency analysis in a simple manner.
  • Velocity measuring function is conformed to JIS B0907(ISO2954) "Standard for Vibration Severity Measuring Instrument".
  • Vibration pickup can be hand-held or fixed with screws(M10).
  • Analog indication makes reading of fluctuating vibrations easier.
  • Recording output for recorder, oscilloscope, FFT analyzer, etc.
  • Pickup can be hand-held or fixing with a screw(M10).
  • Optional magent(MG-2)available for ease of fixing Pick up.
  • Power supply(dry cell 006P)assures continuous measurement for 24 hours.