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Substation Test Set (STS 5000)

  1. This primary current injection testing system is designed to perform primary tests requested in substations commissioning. It allows to perform accurate tests on CTs, VTs, PTs and ground grid.
  2. Primary injection testing capabilities up to 3000 A with the optional module BUX 3000.
  3. Power dissipation factor test with the optional module TD 5000 (voltage up to 12 kV).


  1. Test of Current Transformer:
    • CT ratio and polarity voltage method.
    • CT ratio, polarity and burden current method.
    • CT burden secondary side.
    • CT excitation curve.
    • Winding resistance.
    • Voltage withstand.
    • Power factor, capacitance and tan delta.
  2. Test Of Voltage Transformer:
    • VT ratio and polarity.
    • VT burden.
    • Voltage withstand.
    • Remote polarity check.
    • Power factor, capacitance and tan delta.
  3. Test of Power Transformer:
    • Ratio per tap.
    • Static and dynamic winding resistance and tap changer test.
    • No-load current.
    • Short-circuit impedance.
    • Power factor, capacitance and tan delta.
  4. Ground Resistivity and Resistance:
    • Soil resistivity.
    • Ground grid resistance.
    • Step and touch voltages.
    • Line impedance.
  5. Circuit Breaker Testing:
    • Contact resistance DC.
    • Power factor, capacitance and Tan Delta.