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Key Personnel Résumés

Mohamad Zaki
Mr. Mohamad Zaki, EGYPTROL’s Founder and Managing Director. Over 30 years of experience in power plants with PGESCO, BECHTEL, GILBERT COMMONWEALTH, SADELMI, DAELIM, ELECTROWATT, EEA, in project management, detailed engineering, design review, start-up support, operation and maintenance, as an Owner, a Contractor, an Engineer and a Consultant. View CV

Mohamed Refaat
Mr. Mohamed Refaat, EGYPTROL’s Contracts & Projects Director. He participated in establishing EGYPTROL since 1999. He has over 20 years of experience in Electrical systems design, installation, commissioning and start-up of industrial plants, power plants and other applications. His experience includes a diverse scope and responsibilities; he worked with TECHINT, ALSTOM, CEGELEC, INITEC Energia, Samsung C&T and ABB. He lead EGYPTROL MEP Engineering design team from 2008 to 2012, till the start of the affiliated company “E Consult” www.econsult-eg.com. View CV

Gomaa El-Gazzar
Mr. Gomaa El-Gazzar, EGYPTROL’s Commissioning Manager. Involved in the commissioning of over 15,000 MW power plants mechanical, electrical and I&C systems through hands on operation, writing procedures, controlling turnover packages and conducting performance testing. A recognized expert in fossil fuel power plants commissioning and operation through over 23 years of experience in Egypt, Saudi, Morocco, Syria, Iran, UAE and Iraq. Worked for EEA, PGESCo., KOCH, MAN, SIEMENS, ABB, Babcock Wilcox and ALSTOM. View CV

Aly Hediah
Mr. Aly Hediah, EGYPTROL’s Logistics and Procurement Manager. Over 30 years experience in power plants equipment maintenance, rehabilitation, construction, operation, sales and marketing. His specialty is in utility power plants boilers, high-pressure vessels, heat exchangers and piping. He is familiar with the relevant standards and codes. View CV

Maged Taha
Mr. Maged Taha,EGYPTROL's Engineering Unit Manager. B. Sc. in Mechanical Power Engineering Ain Shams University, with over 14 years of experience in Detail Engineering, Business Development & Tendering of Power, Industrial and Oil & Gas Sectors. Maged joined EGYPTROL late 2011 and had previous wide experience in many firms such as PGESCo, SIEMENS/NEM-Dubai Offices & Air Liquide Egypt. View CV

Mohamed Khalifa
Mr. Mohamed Khalifa, Erection and Commissioning Electrical Team Leader for EGYPTROL since 2004. Expert in erection, start-up, operation and maintenance of electrical systems as well as assembling of electrical switchboards. Over 25 years of experience. Worked for ABB, MFB FERROSTAAL Bauunion, SADELMI Cogepi, SAE SADELMI, NUOVA CIMIMONTUBI S.P.A., ABB Calor Emag Schaltanlagen AG and ABB Airport Technologies GmbH. Worked in Egypt, Qatar, UAE, and Saudi Arabia. View CV

Ahmad Khairy
Mr. Ahmad Khairy, EGYPTROL's Senior Piping Engineer. B. Sc. in Mechanical Power Engineering, with over 7 years experience in piping & mechanical systems engineering and 3D modeling of Power Plants. Ahmed joined EGYPTROL in 2013 and had previous wide experience in many firms such as Kahromika & Techint. View CV