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Commissioning Scope Projects

Client Year Project Scope Details
SHANDONG ELECTRIC POWER CONSTRUCTION GROUP 2017 Saudi Aramco Shaybah field CCPP Preparation of Operating Instructions Manuals

AC Boilers 2016 Banha Power Plant 750MW CCPP Warranty Services for HRSGs

AC Boilers 2015 Suez Thermal Power Plant 1x650MW Mechanical Commissioning and Operation

General Electric 2015 Assiut 8X125MW W.Damietta 4X125MW Staffing for plant commissioningand operation

PowerServ subcontractor for HAC 2015 Hurgada 6X48MW Sharm 6X48MW Port Said 2X48MW Leaders for Pre-Commissioning

ANSALDO CALDAEI 2014 Banha Combined Cycle 750MW Power Plant Project Commissioning and operation team manpower supply

SAMSUNG C&T CORPORATION 2013-2015 Qurayyah Independent Power Project (QIPP) 6X750 MW Commissioning of 6 Combined Cycle Modules (2x2x1)

ANSALDO ENERGIA 2011-2012 6th Of October Power Plant 4x150 MW Commissioning, Start-up and Operation 4x150MW Simple Cycle

ANSALDO CALDAEI 2011-2012 Abu Qir 2x650MW Boilers Commissioning, Start-up and Operation 2x650MW Boilers till handing over to Client

Toyota TC/ Toshiba TPSC. 2010-2012 El-Atf and Sidi Krir Combined Cycle Power Plants, each - 750MW CP-117 and CP-118 Contracts warranty representation and related services

SOCOIN 2010-2011 SYRIA - Dir Ali II 1x750MW CCPP Consultant: SOCOIN Con tractor: METKA Sub-consultant to Gas & St. T.: ANSALDO HRSG: NEM

NEM (Netherlands). 2010-2011 Sidi Krir and El-Atf Combined Cycle Power Plant - 750MW each. HRSG systems Commissioning & Operation till handing over to Owner.

Toyota Tsusho C. Toshiba Plant Systems & Services C. 2009 Sidi Krir and El-Atf Combined Cycle Power Plant - 750MW each Preparation of Chemical cleaning procedure for the Condensate and Feed Water System.

Toyota Tsusho C. Toshiba Plant Systems & Services C. 2009-2010 El-Atf Simple Cycle Power Plant - 750MW Lump Sum Contract Commissioning of the Electrical and Mechanical BOP (CP-117 and CP-118)

Toyota TC/ Toshiba TPSC 2009-2010 Sidi Krir Simple Cycle Power Plant - 750MW Assist in the commissioning of Mechanical BOP (CP-118).