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Power, O&G Commissioning:

EGYPTROL has long experience in commissioning different types of power plants i.e. thermal power plants; simple cycle power plants and combined cycle power plants. Our commissioning activities include commissioning of the following power plant main systems and equipments:

  • Gas and Steam turbine electromechanical systems commissioning.
  • Boiler or HRSG electromechanical systems commissioning.
  • Balance of Plant Preparation of commissioning procedures.
  • Water treatment systems commissioning.
  • Electrical and mechanical Equipments inspection.
  • Electrical and mechanical equipment pre-commissioning and commissioning.
  • Interfacing, signaling, grounding, wiring continuity and loop check.
  • Protection relays testing and validation.
  • Field instrument calibration and loop check.
  • DCS, SCADA and PLC systems logic and functional testing and validation.
  • Hydro and pneumatic tests.
  • Piping flushing and blowout (air and steam).
  • Alignment of rotating machines (pumps, fans…etc).

Substation Commissioning:

EGYPTROL has long experience in commissioning of all components of up to 500KV (GIS) & outdoor (AIS) Substation; our commissioning activities include commissioning of the following substation main systems and equipments:

  • Circuit breaker testing (function, timing, contact resistance, contact travel distance).
  • Power transformer up to 500MVA and 500kV testing (insulation resistance, ratio, vector group, DC winding resistance, tan delta, frequency resonance analysis, oil testing…etc.)
  • Shunt reactors, capacitor banks & auxiliary transformers.
  • Current and potential transformers testing.
  • All components of up to 500KV (GIS) & outdoor (AIS) sub-station.
  • Cables continuity, insulation resistance and HV test as applicable.
  • AC dist. board, DC dist. board, neutral ground NGR. Resist. & ring main units RMU.
  • Relay & control panels, fault and sequence of event recorder.
  • Systems interfacing, stability, scheme, function and overall interlocking.
  • Relay & control panels factory testing, site training and factory training.
  • Grounding system testing.
  • Cables high voltage test up to 33KV.
  • Fire fighting and HVAC system.
  • DCS, PLC and SCADA systems.

Operation and Maintenance:

EGYPTROL provides operations & maintenance services during a power plant project lifecycle. We offer a wide range of O&M services, including complete turnkey operations models or through Manpower Staffing. We can also provide O&M services during first operation of power plant to tune the operating parameters to reach the highest possible efficiency.

  • Thermal Power Plant.
  • Simple Cycle Power Plant.
  • Combined Cycle power plant.

Oil & Gas and Industrial application:

Our professional team can deliver same services to similar applications in oil and gas and industrial projects as they are oriented to work under high safety standards.