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EGYPTROL was launched in 1998 by a team of seasoned experts in engineering, construction, operation and maintenance in the Egyptian electric power sector. The main objective of the company is to provide value through services provided to contractors working in the power sector in Egypt, Middle East and North Africa (MENA).

We specialize in providing engineering, commissioning, testing, instrument calibration and projects' staffing services to contractors executing projects in the power sector, mainly in power generation and substation systems.

In the field of power plant commissioning and operation, EGYPTROL successfully commissioned and put into successful operation many power plants in Egypt and Saudi Arabia. EGYPTROL also contributed to power stations, substations and pumping stations commissioning activities in Qatar, Libya, Iraq, Algeria, and Afghanistan. Our expertise in power plants commissioning and operation covers equipment and systems. We prepare and implement commissioning procedures adapted to each power plant to help our client (EPC Contractor) to deliver the power plant faster, safer and with optimum cost.

Our testing and commissioning team always observes that our procedures are the safest and easiest to implement in addition to being documented in the best manner and easiest to track.

In the field of detailed engineering of power plant systems, EGYPTROL is recognized as a specialized company that successfully provided consultancy, engineering design and design review, for utility size power station systems, water treatment systems, pharmaceutical projects and other industrial and infrastructure projects. EGYPTROL Engineering team members have long and deep power plant engineering experiences. They have designed, reviewed designs, and supervised construction of many projects. The team uses the latest software packages for calculations, sizing and modeling of industrial and power projects to ensure the integrity and functionality of each project we participate in.

Our engineering team always observes that our engineering designs are the minimum in cost, easiest to implement, fastest and safest to commission and operate.

We provide a wide range of services in electrical power generation, transmission and distribution including:

  • Power plant engineering.
  • Power plant commissioning.
  • Power plant projects procurement & construction management.
  • Power plant operations & maintenance.
  • Power plant professional manpower staffing.
  • Substation & transformers testing.
  • Field instrument calibration.

EGYPTROL Specialities

Power, O&G Engineering

Power, O&G Commissioning

Substation & Transformers Testing

Instrument Calibration

O&M staffing